This project is a place for the Fast Infoset community to discuss, coordinate, test and promote interoperability between multiple and cross platform Fast Infoset implementations of the Fast Infoset Recommendation | International Standard.

The scope of this project will focus on two main areas for interoperability testing:

  1. static document testing; and

  2. dynamic Web service testing.

Interoperablity Annoucement

Liquid Technologies Ltd, Noemax Technologies Ltd and OSS Nokalva, Inc. have announced in respective press releases (here, here and here respectively) successful interoperability of Fast Infoset tools from the following vendors: Liquid Technologies Ltd., Noemax Technologies Ltd., OSS Nokalva, Sun Microsystems Inc., and TMax Soft Inc.

Fast Infoset is now available and interoperable on a wide variety of platforms such as Microsoft .NET and .NET CF, Sun GlassFish, BEA WebLogic, Java SE 6, IBM SDK for Java v6 Early Release, TMax Soft JEUS 6, as well as Linux, Solaris, and Win32

Static document testing

This project will provide tests cases and infrastructure to test the interoperability of Fast Infoset implementations when parsing and serializing fast infoset documents.

It is proposed that members of this project community submit test cases (XML files and fast infoset documents) for other members to test their fast infoset implementations against. Such a process will enable resolution of interoperability issues and show static interoperability between implementations.

It is expected, after interoperability between multiple implementations have been presented, that the (conformant) test cases will provide a useful facility for regression testing of Fast Infoset implementations and for determining if new implementations of Fast Infoset are interoperable.

The open source license used for the tests cases and infrastructure has yet to be determined.

Dynamic Web service testing

This project will coordinate with members who have publicly accessible Fast Infoset enabled Web services (either REST-based or SOAP-based) set up for interoperability testing.

It is proposed that the list of services be documented and that a matrix of member services to member clients be maintained presenting interoperability status and issues.

Fast Infoset Implementations

See here and here for a list Fast Infoset implementations.

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